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Doombox's Lab

Level Design 2: Roulette Assignment

This assignment was in particular a doozy, but incredibly entertaining at the same time. The point was we all threw genres into a hat essentially, and would be assigned randomly one to create. With my luck I drew bullet-hell, and struggled for a bit to figure out what to do.

After playing some Lethal League Blaze, inspiration hit and i began chugging away at sequencing a level. The patterns in this level are all done through sequencers guiding turrets around the level to create patterns as I saw fit. Not the most efficient way naturally, but it gave me as a novice a lot of control over patterns I wanted the player to see and experience. 

The boss fight at the end was fun to create to say the least. From proxy to pattern creation, the tone of the fight set me in such a mood I kept working through the night unabated. A major focus of this assignment for me creating a "balanced" experience - and looking to games like Furi I drew even more inspiration - creating a invincibility dash whenever the player hits space bar, allowing them to dash through bullets. While there is no death state, there is a "high score" in the sense of every bullet hit ticks up a counter, allowing for replay ability without salt from dying over and over again.

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