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Project Create

Role: QA

Links: ( Project: Create website )

Project Create was my first professional foray into the industry. As a QA team member I was able to learn about how all tracks interact with each other in a time sensitive environment, and the paramount importance of communication. 

As a QA team member I was entrusted with handling proprietary tech daily, as well as its upkeep and care before locking it down at end of day. Taking the tech to town was the daily ritual, and examining every nook and cranny for issues to be reported in JIRA was the bread and butter of my day. Comparing game play to game design documentation for consistency, and focus testing specific issues with other team members was a key part of the job. 

While handling new tech was stressful, we would routinely do full dives into the game, and test EVERY possible interaction. These often 2000+ cases tests would take time, even among the entire team, but the necessity of testing every aspect of the game routinely helped catch the bugs that would sneak into the core aspects of the title. Tedious work, but vital work. 

Between the new tech and new people, I had hopped on this project when it was in full bore down the track, there was no time to waste. Pipelines had to be learned, priorities set, and team members memorized - there were no brakes on this train. I was able to test my mettle against a grindstone moving 1000 mph - and found myself coming out of the experience quite a bit sharper. I won't lie, my first experience professionally was a good one, and I hope many more like it come along the way.

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