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Role: Designer, Level Designer, QA

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As of 2017, Madhouse was one of the larger projects I've worked on. Both in terms of game-play challenges as well as artistic direction. As a suspense game, corridors are narrow and crowded - and as a kicker - there is no omnipresent enemy. Players could traverse the Asylum without a care in the world (bar some specific events were players are vulnerable). 

So stemming from that, the challenge came from crafting an area that alludes to danger and potential enemies, while at the same time not having any consistent threats. A large part of my job as a level designer was to figure out what the player sees at any given moment, and find the best ways to exploit that vision. A fallen bookshelf here, some markings on the wall or a collapsed table, the placing of the 'little things' throughout the level; things players won't usually consciously pay attention to, yet preps them for what can lay ahead. Especially to the point of guiding players towards the correct door and path - to surprising effect a single illuminated item can do the work of 30 signs.  My main work on this project was just making sure everything had a home and served a purpose, and with over 400 props spread across each level - cohesiveness and continuity was a gargantuan trial. 

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