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Level Design 2: Redesign & Blueprints

This assignment was pretty tame, take an existing level in a game as reference and tweak and change it to suit a different purpose / made better utilizing some custom blueprints. Having played Apex Legends over the weekend, I wanted to dip my toes in that level design pool.

One thing that fascinated me about Apex Legends was their focus on verticality. The warehouses commonly found in the Hydro Plant area though seem to fight this concept, with long hallways and barred off hallways from the inside. I do like their design - forcing different game play in these little nodes sprinkled around the map, but I figured I would take the opportunity to make it a little different.


Hence the video above, where I attempted to change the warehouse into a more "Deathmatch" style map from Unreal Tournament games.  Lots of cover down below, a lot less cover on the upper floors - but with a greater ability for movement options. A teleporter sits on the top floor of each side, allowing for quick movement in a fire fight. From the second floor and third floor players have access to a jump pad, allowing for quick dips into combat on the bottom floor before jumping away to the adjacent floor - or allowing bottom floor players to give chase. I also took the opportunity to create a random loot box, which spawns an assortment of squares, circles, and triangles at random when you open it - just to try and simulate that battle royale feel.

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