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About Me


Hey, my name is Steve Diezel.  Born and raised in Miami, Florida, i'm an eager level designer looking to give back.

I've always enjoyed hanging out with others. Be it a night at a bar, a round of a board game, a long winded table-top RPG session, a scary movie, or even just working collaboratively, the draw of a good time with others is hard for me to resist. Not to say I don't appreciate a good solo session, it is easiest to work for me when I enter that "zen" state that comes with working alone to a good beat, or a good read on a late night.

Despite that, the phrase "better with friends" is something I tend to apply to my life. A good meal, a road trip, a movie, a game, my life is a chain linked by links of group and solo activities. Made stronger by it, I'm not afraid to jump into a group setting, or to back off and tackle issues solo.

On a less preachy note about myself, I really enjoy board games, sushi, art books, action movies, anime, D&D, and dogs! Of course video games as well, but you already knew that. I tend to collect art books and figures from series I enjoy, so my desk leans towards an art display instead of a place of work! I've got my board games on display as well, ready to invite anyone I can for a match of Betrayal at House on the Hill or Dark Souls: The Board Game. 

I want to work in the game industry to give back to the community that helped me grow so much as a child. To be able to give the feelings of happiness I felt to someone else. I know my personality and drive will be a match for numerous teams, so I look forward to working with the numerous like minded game developers out there!

I graduated in December 2017 with a BA in Digital Media, and now having earned a Masters at FIEA - I'm excited to tackle the myriad challenges that come with game-dev with you!

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