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Drone Game

Role: Designer, Level Designer, QA


At FIEA, students participate in a class called Game Lab in their second semester. In this class, we work with external groups to create projects that do more than just entertain. Education is the main focus of these projects - making it a large 180 turn from the normal projects worked on.

Due to the nature of the Drone Game Lab project, I can't divulge much information on it due to the contractor's requests. I can say however that on this project I've had to tackle designing and laying out larger town-sized environments, and creating gameplay events to match that scale. Focusing on simulation and realism was a learning experience; as game design and balance was out of the question for certain aspects - but those aspects still have to cohesively work with the "game-ification" of training and simulation. It was essentially balancing for someone other than the player, while still keeping the player in mind, which led to very interesting design meetings to meet requirements and expectations from the contractor.


I enjoyed working on Drone Game as it presented unique challenges and requirements not normally found in games. As such I learned some valuable skills  in out-of-the-box designing. It proved difficult, but what is learning if not a challenge.

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