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Sparky Power!

Role: Designer, Level Designer, QA

Students at FIEA participate in projects called Rapid-Prototypes, short 2 week themed games made on teams that fill in the time between regular classes. Sparky Power! was categorized as "education", so trying to think outside the box a bit, the team and me made a game off of electricity and circuitry.

The goal of Sparky Power! is to guide our adorable protagonist through a course by laying wires, resistors, transistors, etc. along a grid to a goal. Sparky can only travel along a complete circuit, and if there is too much or too little voltage, he can't successfully reach his goal and power the city. 

A challenge designing situations for Sparky was the constraints of realism ( or at least what we were able to capture of it ). Puzzle components like transistors and resistors had to work similarly enough to their real world versions, making puzzles more than just one button solutions. With a combination of simple math, voltage, current, and other electrical jargon - Sparky Power! aims to be able to teach young kids the basics of electricity and circuitry.

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