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Ghost Clicker

Role: Designer, Level Designer, QA


Students at FIEA participate in projects called Rapid-Prototypes, short 2 week themed games made on teams that fill in the time between regular classes. Ghost Clicker was categorized as "mobile", so the team and me decided to try and experiment with accessibility in mobile games - making a concept that would both keep players coming back without impacting their other obligations.

Many times in mobile games you see limited events and exclusive items, it makes sense: you want your players to keep coming back. Stories do tell though of games with obscene requirements for items, be it waiting till 3 in the morning for a specific message or some other awkward challenge. What we decided to do for Ghost Clicker was experiment with time-based collection, making large 8 hour  chunks where ghosts will spawn when the appropriate item is placed on its partner in scene. By utilizing such large chunks, we imagined there would be few times someone would need to go out of their way to collect a ghost they've been hunting. Making a more accessible and friendly collection game for the average Joe. 

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