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Role: Designer, QA


Cat-astrophe! was the first Rapid Prototype we created at FIEA. Being the first time any of us on the team had worked together we found ourselves struggling to brainstorm ideas for a game to work on Week 1. We eventually found inspiration in a meme about a cat and a bomb, and took that all the way.

Cat-astrophe! is the story of a cat that has gone through many lives, eventually winding up in our player's abode. Stupidly playful and innocent, you have to prevent your cat from having its past catch up to it and meet a gruesome end in your kitchen. Playing like a mad-lib, Cat-astrophe! has your cat stride towards a poorly concealed bomb; with each successful entry moving the cat back a set distance. The goal was to have the user be able to write their own story, to challenge themselves to see what they can create on harder difficulties as more and more hazards spawn. A game without a definitive win state other than the cat not blowing up, but rather what story the user wants to tell and on what difficulty. Reading the ending display of text was often a reward in of itself, as panicked player inputs lead to some... odd scenarios. 

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